Let me drop a truth bomb on you 💣

Your membership needs to look good.

Functionality & look ultimately shapes the member experience.

Let me give you an example.

Stripe Graphic

Let's take Stripe as an example.

If Stripe's user interface looked like a product from 2002, would customers perceive the product as credible & game-changing as they do now? Would people trust the company with handling their transactions, subscriptions, and checkout process? I mean, I love Stripe, but love their UI even more.

Buttons Example

It's in the details. Even the way buttons hover requires developers to insert a specific code to make it happen. Don't you want your members to feel like they're using Stripe when they use your site?

Take a look at my most recent project! You can view more details & a video wakl through in the "View Work" section.

PS, you can just scroll down the module below - it's a site in a site! 🙂

Okay, I got it. So how does this work?

Start scrolling to take a look at what to expect in each phase.

here's exactly what you'll get in each phase

Phase 1 | Building a plan & strategizing

  • 30-minute project kick-off call
  • In this Zoom meeting, we're going to go over everything we will need to prepare for this project. I'll summarize what you'll need to finish by our next meeting and start planning!

  • The Stop Planning Method Workbook
  • This workbook will go over every single little detail of the information I need from you in order to help you build a strategy for not only the website but your overall membreship.

    Phase 1 | Building a plan & strategizing

  • 2 hour strategy session for planning
  • We're going to go over everything from membreship purpose, features & content, membership model & pricing to member on-boarding sequence & member experience strategy.

  • 50% of entire invoice will be due at the start
  • Your 50% down-payment of this project will be due at the start of phase 1. This allows both of us to fully commit to this project and have a mindset of giving all we have into this project.

    Phase 2 | Web design & development

  • 30-minute sitemap creation call
  • In this meeting, we'll be going over all the pages we will need to bulid in your website. It's going to be specific, and this is also where the features turn into ideas & plans.

  • Detailed planning of each page & feature
  • In Google Docs, we're going to outline every single part of the page & feature. Depending on your request, there may be additional add-ons and invoices required during the project.

    Phase 1 | Building a plan & strategizing

  • Actual design & development part
  • Well, after planning each page, I'm going to design & develop everything page-by-page. You'll have up to 3 revisions on each page before we move onto the next one!

  • Website training for you & your team
  • Once the design & development is complete, I'm going to create custom trainings for you & your team on how to update content, create pages, using templates, etc.

    Phase 3 | Launching & doing everything else

  • Beta-testing the membership site
  • There's going to be an entire run-through of the membreship site from checkout to cancellation. We'll modify any issues we come across and fix it as well as create SOPs for them.

  • Tools & management service retainers
  • You'll pay for the tools you will need to continue running your membership website and we'll discuss on how I can continue to give you support on your new, functional & good-looking site.

    Phase 1 | Building a plan & strategizing

  • Tease it to your members & audience
  • There will be one Facebook live that we're going to do together where we'll tease your audience on the new site! We'll go over every single part & get them excited for the launch.

  • Launch day!!!!!!
  • It's finally launch day! We're officially launching the website live and we're done! After the launch, we're going to discuss how exactly you're going to streamline & scale your membership.

    I know, I know. You want to learn more about this and I'd love to talk to you!